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Blood Hounds Gang Softball

2009 Dallas Men's D City League Champs

2010 Richardson Huffhine's Park Grand Opening Tournament Champs

2010 Dallas Men's D City League Champs

2010 Texas TAAF Men's E State Championship Tournament - Lubbock, TX - 7th Place

2010 USSSA Men's E State Championship Tournament - Garland, TX

CED - Tyler joins the BHG Team...
We recently recieved Club-level sponsorship from Consolidated Electrical Distributors (CED) in Tyler, Texas.  Daniel Cooper and CED have maintained a leadership position in the electrical industry by consistently meeting its responsibilities and commitments to its customers, manufacturers and employees.  As a newly formed Not-For-Profit Group, BHG shares this high-level of self awareness and measure. We look forward to an amazing relationship with CED Tyler.
Second!! Undefeated Season, ...1st ever in USSSA Men's D League
We completed our Second Undefeated Season at Huffhines Park in Richardson, 2010 Sunday USSSA Men's D League - Summer.  This awards us 40 USSSA points, a trophy and T-shirts.  This is our first undefeated season in Men's D Level.
Team's 2010 Runs Scored vs Allowed
As of 8/11, the Team's Runs-Scored-Versus-Allowed is ... 
BHG Scored 1305 vs 885  BHG Allowed =
   BHG Scored 1.47 Runs
...for each run we allowed our opponents to score
Run Scored vs Allowed
2010 Team Record
68 Wins with 27 Losses
The Blood Hounds Gang kicked off 2010 with a bang...winning the Inaugural Tournament at the all new Huffhines Park in Richardson, TX.  We followed up with a solid runout in our league play and our second 1st Place finish at the Dallas City Championship for Men's "D"...this won us a free Birth to the 2010 TAAF State Tournament.  We finished 7th at the 2010 TAAF State Men's E Championship Tournamant with a record of 4-2.
Current Winning Streak
0 Games
We currently have a (0) one game winning streak.
Last Loss was on 12/4 - third game loss 9-13 at the North Texas Fall State Tournament at Big League Dreams Park in Mansfield to "Players Union" (Stats)
Longest Winning Streak
17 wins in 64-days
The Blood Hounds Gang's longest winning streak was 17 games over a 64-day period, running from May 10th, 2009 thru July 6th, 2009.
  12 wins in 11-days
The Blood Hounds Gang's 2nd-longest winning streak was 12 games over a 11-day day period, running from June 5th, 2010 thru June 16th, 2010.
We Did it!! 2010

On 6/5 BHG won the Dallas City Championship - Men's "D", for the 2nd year in a row!  With an early loss to "Calmate" by 2 in the first game of the day, BHG was on the long road.  Throughout this grueling day of battling back in 102 degree heat, we met up with a few familiar challengers in "Home Stealers" & "Angels" while later facing off against "Throw Down" for what was meant to be our 3rd Meetup and "Rubber Match" following BHG’s Championship victory in the Spring'09 and Throw Down’s near-miss in the Fall'09.  We caught back up with “Calmate” in the Semi-Finals finishing a marathon-day with 6 wins in-a-row, following our initial loss.  Ultimately we won the Championship over "OSOS".  After working through some controversy when "OSOS" was caught trying to sub in 8 new players for the championship game and they consequently forfeit; the championship prize package included a free Birth to the TAAF State Tournament that will occur this July in Lubbock, TX.

First time I've ever personally witnessed a team lose their first game, of a double-elimination tournament with a large bracket, and go on to win every other game; coming back to win the entire thing.

First USSSA Tourney - Inaugural Win
On 2/20 we won our first USSSA tournament with a championship win of 5-4 in Richardson, TX at the Inaugural Tournament in Huffines Park's.  Huffhines Park had a complete redesign in 2009 and this was the 1st tourney held in the new park.  This tourney win awards us 40 USSSA points. (Pictures)
First Undefeated Season
We completed our First Undefeated Season at Fair Oaks Park in Dallas, 2009 Sunday USSSA Men's E League - Summer.  This awards us 40 USSSA points, a trophy and T-shirts.
UP! - Team & Individual Statistics
Ok...our "Statistics" page is up and running; now that we've kicked off actually keeping a score card during live play (which is no small feat while trying to win a game).  We started keeping league stats on 5.19.10 and  have three games in the books.

I have posted the individual stats-score card by game under 2010 Team Record [linked on the Home Page & Statistics page]...(Click Here)  I've created a "(Stats)" link next to each game; this link only exists for the games where we have recorded stats.
2009 Team Record
59 Wins with 37 Losses
With a 61.5% win percentage, the Blood Hounds Gang's record for 2009 is 59 wins and 37 losses,... with 35 wins and 12 losses in regular league play; 24 wins and 25 losses in tournament play.  We earned 230 USSSA point for 2009.