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Hat Sizing Tool
(Click Here) print out a hat sizing tool, on a 8.5" x 11" stand sheet of paper.  Cut out the tool and connect three pieces.  Instructions will print out with the tool.

P90X - Extreme Home Workout Program
(Click Here)...P90X Workout Guide
(Click Here)...P90X Nutrition Plan
(Click Here)...P90X Calendar
(Click Here)...P90X Workout Log Sheets

Blood Hounds Gang Jerseys
the BHG jersey is a 100% Poly Performance T-shirt purchased from and screen-printed by Mesquite Sports Center.
(Click Here)...for link to shirt on
(Click Here)...for a link to Screen-printer, Mesquite Sports Center
You can coordinate your shirt purchase through Brian Kern or if you'd like to do it yourself you'll need to purchase the shirts from Boombah (the sizes run about half-a-size big) then take them to Mesquite Sports Center to have them screen printed.  MSC already has all of our design & logo info and does require a minimum order of 10 shirts or they will charge you a $30 setup fee.  If you only have say 6 shirts you can ask to pay for the 10 shirt minimum to avoid the setup fee (cost/shirt is lower this way).  The order will take about 1.5 weeks to get back from MSC.

Bat Break-in Info
(Click Here)..."Do Advanced Bat Break-in Techniques Really Work?"  completed by Applied Physics Professor Dr. Daniel Russell, Ph.D
(Click Here)...for a complete site of the baseball research completed by Dr. Russell "Physics and Acoustics of Baseball and Softball Bats"

Ball-Bat Setup Info